The Association over the years has organised various activities to promote librarianship, information science, professionalism, national and worldwide issues among others. Notable ones are;

•    Colloquium
    In 1997 a Colloquium on National Library Service was held to look at the Library Service Bill. The GLA, the Ghana Library Authority (then Ghana Library Board), the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Information and other stakeholders  deliberated and amended the Library Service Bill to take into account prevailing  trends and a provision of a National Library. The report was presented to the Minister of Education.

•    Stakeholders Meeting
    In 2001, there was a meeting of stakeholders to look at the Ghana Library Service Act and make recommendations to take into consideration the services rendered by the Ghana Library Service.
    A draft bill was presented to the Minister of Education for consideration.
A second stakeholders’ meeting was held in 2008 to discuss the draft bill sent to the Ministry of Education and to incorporate the inputs made by the Ministry and other stakeholders. The revised document was sent to the Minister of Education after the meeting.

•    Training
Training has been an ongoing through the years by the Education, Research and Training Committee. These have been tailored to meet the needs of members. A few of the areas covered are:

  • cataloguing
  • report writing
  • publishing
  • documentation
  • ICT
  • open access
  • human relations
  • customer care etc.

    These training eventshave been held to upgrade members and to introduce them to current trends in the profession.

•    Seminars
Professional seminars have been held at least once a year. It must be noted that at all Annual General Meetings (AGM) at least one paper is presented and discussions held.
The year 2012 had two seminars organised as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations, which covered the following topics:
-    Libraries: key to national development
-    Libraries driving access to knowledge
-    Libraries: facilitators of knowledge generation
-    Knowing is not enough: engaging in the knowledge economy
-    The illusive national library: the case of Ghana
-    Building a strong library association

•    GLA Journal
The GLA has a journal that comes out two times a year.  Members have over the years had their articles and papers published in them.
•    Consultancy services
    Members of the GLA have done consultancies services for Government     Institutions as well as non-governmental institutions.
    Some members have done consultancy services outside the country.
•    Collaboration with other bodies
The GLA has over the years collaborated with other institutions in some of its activities. Some of them are Fredric Ebert Foundation/USIS/Goethe Institute/Balme Library. For example the Goethe Institute has provided training in ICT for GLA members. Fredric Ebert Foundation has provided facilitators at some of our training programmes.
•    Secretariat
The Association has a secretariat, located at INSTI/CSIR near the Gold House, Kawokudi Junction, Accra. Plans are underway to find a more permanent place on the Legon Campus.

•    Personalities
The Association is proud to have some high profile personalities as members namely;
a.    Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur – a former President (GLA) and wife of the Vice-President of the Republic of Ghana.
b.    Honourable Kosi Kedem – a former member of parliament in the 4th Republic.
c.    Dr. Mrs. Helena Asamoah-Hassan – IFLA- Africa Section President